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What is PPC?

You just started your business and are launching a brand new product on Amazon and you couldn’t be more excited. As thrilling as it might be, it’s kind of scary and downright demoralizing at the start when you realize that there are bigger fish in the ocean taking all of the food leaving you with absolutely nothing. How can you get your fair share and ensure your product gets noticed in vast sea of competitors that have years and years’ worth of experience? That’s when PPC comes in.

PPC stands for Pay per Click and it’s a marketing tool used by many, newcomers and veterans alike, to make ads that promote their products on Amazon. It implements a bidding system that allows you to bid as low or high as you want so whenever a customer types in a certain keyword on Amazon, the winner of the bid gets their product displayed ahead of everyone else. The way the winner is determined is based on various factors such as relevance of the keyword and highest bid value you’ve chosen. You set a daily budget and Amazon so you never end up overspending an unnecessary amount. The best part about it is that it’s pay per click so you only end up paying if the customer clicks on your ad. Pretty convenient, right?

The best PPC campaigns are intelligently crafted using hours of research on the product, competitors, and the market you’re targeting. Optimizing your campaigns is not easy but is extremely rewarding if done correctly. A lot of time and effort goes into digging deep to find the right keywords and phrases that might lead potential customers into finding your product.

While it does take a lot of work, it’s recommended if not necessary for everyone selling on Amazon to use this feature as it is almost always more fruitful than it is harmful. It’s an amazing way to get valuable traffic on your product, reviews, and will lead to higher rating and organic searches when done well.

There is definitely a lot more to talk about when it comes to PPC. We will talk about it more in depth later on.

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