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The Best Keywords

How do I find the best keywords for my product?

Using the right keywords in your listing is perhaps the most essential key to selling your product. Without them, customers will not be able to find your product to buy it. But where do you find the best keywords to use? Let’s discuss some of the most successful methods.

Common Sense

The most important keyword tool is common sense. You are more familiar with your product than any other tool or service. Don’t discount your good sense when researching. For example. if you’re selling Bluetooth headphones, even if a keyword tool is telling you that “Cell Phone Listening Device” is a better phrase, your common sense will ensure you start your title with “Bluetooth Headphones” instead.

There are many keywords that are not as obvious and require a bit of research to find. That’s where the rest of these tools come in handy.

Keyword Tools

There are plenty of tools and databases you can use that will give you related keywords to your product. Merchant Words, Sonar Tools and Helium10 are some of the more popular keyword search programs, but there are others which are very helpful in giving you those extra words that can be difficult to think of on your own.

Google AdWords

At the start of setting up a Google Adwords campaign, when they ask what your product/website is, they will suggest similar search terms and phrases. You can keep on typing in a new phrase to start with to generate new phrases and keywords. You do not need to actually pay for an ad or campaign to do this.

Manual Amazon Searches

There are 3 primary goals in searching on Amazon. 1) Scouring your competitors for keywords. 2) Finding the popularity of certain phrases by seeing their prominence in the search bar autocomplete, as well as seeing the number of results. 3) Matching the best keyword to your product. If you search for “Bluetooth headset” and “Bluetooth Headphones” you will get two very different sets of results. Which suits your product better? Even if the other is a more popular keyword, use the one that customers are more likely to be looking for when they search.

Customer Reviews

Another fantastic source for keywords is in the right on your competitor’s page. Check out the reviews to see what customers are saying. The commonly words used in reviews tells you real-life examples of what customers are looking for.

For example, if you see reviews mention that it isn’t waterproof and yours is, you now have an important keyword to include in your listing:“waterproof” or “water resistant”.

What #keyword tools do you use? Do you find they add more than you would have gathered on your own manual research?

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